Heating and cooling energy meter

This meter is designed for monitoring and commercial accounting in terms of heating and cooling energy in hot and cold water supply systems, together with taking readings for two separate registers. Its usual fields of application include the following: individual and central heating units in administrative and commercial buildings (residential buildings, public buildings, production buildings, etc.).

    • Heating and cooling energy is stored in separate registers
    • Two universal pulse inputs/outputs can be used for the installation of additional water meters or the transmission of pulse signals (energy, water quantity, etc.)
    • Additional M-Bus interface modules, a CL or a radio module, for remote readings
    • The option is available to use rate tariffs
    • Programmable dates for monthly and annual reports
    • Maximum monthly parameters are registered
    • An archive is available for average readings per hour, day, and month
    • Flow direction indication


Flow measurement of a heat transfer medium using ultrasonic method
Pulse inputs / outputs Universal

Qalcosonic Heat 1 brochure
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