Monitoring energy consumption and increasing its efficiency

Our main field of activity is the monitoring of the energy consumption of apartment buildings, single-family homes and business buildings, and increasing their efficiency.

In cooperation with the world’s leading metering system manufacturers (Techem, Siemens, Axis), Küttemaailm has built and developed remote reading systems in Estonia for over 10 years. We develop special solutions on the basis of the client’s wishes and the technical parameters, consult the consumers concerning the energy efficient use of the building’s heating system on the basis of an analysis of the metering results, and help with the realisation of renovation and calibration works.

The Optimatic energy consumption monitoring portfolio of products and services includes:

Our remote reading systems have been successfully deployed in different towns and settlements across Estonia – Tallinn, Saue, Rakvere, Elva, Paide, Vaida, Tartu, Karksi-Nuia, Rapla, Luunja, Ilmatsalu, Vara Village, Rahinge, Kolga, Laeva, Ämari, Laagri, Viimsi, Kiili, Kuressaare, Pärnu, Pärnu-Jaagupi, Lagedi, Loo, Tõrva, Narva and Tapa.

The mission of the Optimatic team is to maintain its leading position in Estonia as a developer of remote reading systems of heat and water consumptions. In addition, we have been extending our reach to foreign markets since 2014 – we obtained experience on the export market, when we completed our first remote reading systems in Finland.

energy consumption monitoring

Why you should choose us

Five reasons why you should purchase your remote reading system solution from us:

  • On the basis of client feedback, we have the best competency in the field of heating systems and materials
  • We provide a personal approach – we help to determine the best solution for you
  • We care for our clients – experience the best client service
  • Our company is sustainable, we have been active on the market since 2005
  • We are the most friendly and cool specialists in our field!

We take into account customer individual needs, offering best solutions quickly.
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