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About us

Küttemaailm OÜ, which develops metering solutions under the brand name Optimatic, has been creating remote reading systems in Estonia for more than fourteen years. Our solutions help to monitor water and heating costs in more than thirty towns and villages across Estonia. We are the Estonian representative of TECHEM, the world’s most experienced developer of individual heating and water metering systems and remote reading systems. We also represent Axioma Metering, the largest manufacturer of metering systems in the Baltic States, B METERS, a large Italian manufacturer of water meters, Qundis-Siemens, the leader on the German market, and several other well-known brands.
Optimatic is your trusted partner. We offer remote reading water and heat meters fromKamstrup, Bmeters, Qundis / Siemens and Axioma, heat cost allocators from Techem and modern home automation systems from Honeywell. Contact us for the best solutions.

Our mission is to provide metering and energy-efficiency forms of technology and materials on the basis of individual customer need in a low-cost and rapid manner in order to be able to reduce energy and/or water costs for residential, business, and public buildings, boiler plants, and heat and water networks.

We are a professional sales company which is part of the Altius Energiagroup of companies, and which operates in the Estonian, Finnish, and Swedish markets. Our product range includes approximately 50,000 engineering products, including radiators, valves, remote reading water and heat meters, electricitry meters, pressed steel system pipes and connections, and several other heaters and piping materials.
Küttemaailm also encompasses the activities of Radiaatorikeskusas a registered trademark, which offers the widest selection of central heating radiators in the Baltic Sea region, from everyday panel radiators to special order designer radiators. The warehouses of Radiaatorikeskus always stock approximately 30,000 radiators, which guarantees the widest selection and the quickest delivery times for our customers.