M-bus water meter SMART+

Apator SMART+ water meter with an M-bus interface

Smart+ is a single-flow water meter with a dry counter that has been meant for the measurement of the flow of up to 30°C cold water or up to 90°C hot water.

Due to its modern construction, the meter has been adapted for the installation of an RF-module, which enables the remote-reading of the measurements, and also provides the best protection for the meter with a dry counter from the effects of external magnetic fields.

The construction of the meter enables the installation of the meter both in the horizontal direction, with the counter facing upward (H), as well as vertically, with the counter facing sideways (V). Thanks to the use of a rotating counter, the measurements can be easily read. The meter justifies its use perfectly in different installation positions.

  • Coefficient Q2/Q1 – 1.6
  • Temperature class (nominal operating temperature) – T30 / T90
  • Max. pressure – 1.6 MPa
  • Max. loss of pressure – 100 kPa


Diameter Nominal flow
Maximum flow
Min. flow, cold water
R100 l/h
In the H position
Min. flow, hot water
R80 l/h
In the H position
Startup flow
Connection Weight
15 1,6 2 16 20 6 ¾ 0,5
20 4 5 40 50 15 1 0,6
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