Küttekulujaotur techemData III heat cost allocator

Heat cost allocator

The data III heat cost allocator has been equipped with an infrared port, LC-display and a radio module. The measuring device shall transfer coded data concerning the heat consumption by radio. The utilised system with two temperature sensors ensures the high accuracy of the readings even in case of low temperatures, since the operating principle of the device is based on registering the temperature difference of the heater and the room. The allocator shall be coded with an up to 1 W accuracy. A built-in microprocessor processes all of this data, and it shall calculate the heat consumption, which makes the conversion of the readings obsolete. The information on the gauge shall later be also depicted on the measurement form.

It should be added that the heat cost allocators shall also be coded on the basis of corrective coefficients in apartments with a locational disadvantage, where necessary. During summer, when the heating has been turned off, the readings are not registered. As with all of our measuring devices with a radio module, the heat cost allocator has a special protection that prevents any dismantling or other manipulations. The device is powered with a 3 V lithium battery. The device’s life span is 10 years + reserve.

  • It can be adjusted to almost all radiator types and all temperatures.
  • The two temperature sensors ensure the accuracy of the readings.
  • The measuring device can be programmed for the radiator type and capacity with an up to 1 W accuracy.
  • The built-in microprocessor processes the data concerning the heat consumption (no conversions are necessary).
  • An electronic protection preventing its dismantling.
  • The apartments with a locational disadvantage shall be programmed by taking into account their reduction factors.


Special metal fastening shall be used for attaching of the allocator to the heater. Thereat, the system must not be switched off. The whole process takes only a couple of minutes, and it causes no discomfort for the inhabitants. In case access to the heater is hindered or it is installed onto a convector, an allocator with an external temperature sensor is used. After its installation, the measuring device can be firmly coded.

The main advantages:

  • The installation of the measuring devices does not take long, and they do not disturb the outlook of the interior of the apartment.
  • Long life span that does not require technical maintenance.
  • The self-diagnosis system rules out faults during the registration of the readings and the prohibited tampering with the device.
  • Low-power radio transmitters do not affect radio devices at home, and are completely harmless.

What good comes from the installation of allocators.

  • It is a highly sensitive system with two temperature sensors, which ensures the highest accuracy of the readings.
  • A lithium battery enables the registration of data for at least 10 years.
  • The measuring device shall be coded on the basis of the specific radiator and its characteristics that enable the controlling of heat on the basis of individual preferences in each room, and also to check the current consumption.
  • Any manipulating with and dismantling of the allocator shall be registered.
  • Resistance to the influence of external radio waves – the allocators do not receive any radio signals, they only transmit information. Thus, the faults cannot be erased with remote control over the radio, which excludes any tampering by unwanted persons.
  • The memory stores the data from the 15th day and the last day of the month and the whole past year.