Wired system (M-Bus)

A wired M-Bus system is a trustworthy solution. Nowadays, houses are built of thick reinforced concrete which is difficult for radio signals to pass through. This is why it is very important to think about centralised solutions for receiving consumption levels as early as the design process stage for new buildings. The smartest choice is to establish an M-Bus network in which all of the fitted equipment is cable-connected as this guarantees the reliable transmission of all data.

M-bus süsteem

An established wired M-Bus system means the following:

  • the M-Bus cables in every apartment are connected to an M-Bus highway (a so-called linear connection, where a trunk cable is connected to a controller and sub-equipment has its own M-Bus address);
  • M-Bus devices are configured – every water meter is started and synchronised according to the serial number on the water meter (some types of water meter are sent out of the factory without being configured);
  • there is a data table which contains information about every M-Bus device, including its serial number, location, and type (whether it is a cold or hot water meter, a electricitry meter, and so on).

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