Bmeters GSD8-45 single-jet dry dial water meter

Bmeters DSD8-45

The B METERS GSD8-45 is suitable for places in which the water meter needs to be installed just under the ceiling and the budget is too limited for the installation of a remote reading system. In such cases it would be reasonable to select a water meter with a display that can be read without having to climb up to the ceiling. Very often, standard mechanical water meters are installed on the ceiling with their display facing downwards, something that is technically incorrect. No manufacturer can guarantee that a water meter installed in such a location will function correctly. For that kind of installation we offer a special water meter with a factory-installed 45° dial configuration, which makes it possible to install the meter properly and avoid the use of a mirror or complex ancillary equipment to read the meter. Project prices start at EUR 11 per piece!

Technical data:

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