Optimatic server

This system is used for to collect consumption readings from multiple items of remote reading equipment (water meters, heat meters, and electricitry meters) via GSM or the internet. Depending on the type of meter in question (whether M-Bus or radio), the system offers information concerning current consumption levels, plus monthly, daily, and hourly statistics, and the history of measuring results along with the archive. Customised reports and data filtering can be carried out based upon the following: the site location, address, ID and type of device, measuring parameters, and date and time. The readings can be accessed as any time by operatives or partners via the Optimatic self-service environment.

The Optimatic Enco Logger is connected to the static IP address of the building by means of a cable internet (or a mobile network).

M-Bus-enabled equipment requires an established M-Bus system which means the following:

  • the M-Bus cables in every apartment are connected to an M-Bus highway (a so-called linear connection, where a trunk cable is connected to a controller and sub-equipment has its own M-Bus address);
  • M-Bus devices are configured – every water meter is started and synchronised according to the serial number on the water meter (some types of water meter are sent out of the factory without being configured);
  • there is a data table which contains information about every M-Bus device, including its serial number, location, and type (whether it is a cold or hot water meter, a electricitry meter, and so on).

In the case of meters that are fitted with a radio module, the system also includes data collection centres (e.g. Siemens WTT561). Readings are transmitted ‘through the air’ as equipment is fitted with radio modules and no cables are required. Nevertheless, this solution may not be suitable for everybody, particularly in buildings that have been constructed using thick, reinforced concrete where the transmission of radio signals is obstructed.

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