• A compact ultrasonic water meter for measuring hot and cold water consumption in households, apartment buildings, and smaller commercial premises
  • A static ultrasonic water meter – no moving parts
  • An ultrasonic measuring principle guarantees the accuracy and reliability of measuring
  • Long service life
  • Readings taken from the water meter cannot be changed by means of external equipment
  • Excellent precision – a measuring accuracy that is even better than ±2%
  • Low sensitivity threshold – starting at 3l/hKamstrup Multical 21
  • Ratio R = 100 (R=Q3/Q1 – Q3 nominal flow rate, Q1 minimum flow rate)
  • Horizontal installation as well as vertical installation
  • The installation position does not affect measuring accuracy
  • An integrated data communication module – a wireless M-Bus
  • Battery power supply for up to sixteen years
  • Consumption readings are stored in the water meter’s read-only memory
  • Leakage detection
  • Hermetically sealed construction
  • Protection class IP68
  • Nominal flow rate Q3 = 1.6m³/h, 2.5m³/h, and 4.0m³/h
  • Installation dimensions – G¾B(R½) * 110mm and G1B * 130mm
  • Pipe extensions available as accessories
  • The water meter complies with the EU directive concerning measuring equipment

MULTICAL 21 s a hermetically sealed, compact static water meter which is intended for reading hot and cold water consumption. The water meter uses the ultrasonic measuring principle, and has been constructed on the basis of Kamstrup’s experience since 1991 in the development and production of static ultrasonic meters.
Excellent precision
Measuring consumption rates by means of the use of ultrasonic technology guarantees the excellent precision of the resultant readings. There are no moving parts in this electronic water meter, which eliminates the risk of wear and tear, and ensures the resistance of MULTICAL 21 to any impurities in the water.
A ‘bypass’ or a fixed network
In order to satisfy the growing market demand for smart meters, MULTICAL® 21 comes with the latest radio technology that can be used both with ‘bypass’ and fixed network reading applications. You have the option of choosing between 16 or 96 seconds for the transmission intervals of data packages. Consumption readings can be read directly from the water meter’s display or by using an optical eye. Furthermore, consumption readings can be read remotely by means of a wireless M-Bus communications module within the water meter.
Low leakage limits
MULTICAL® 21 has an integrated sensitive leakage detection system of as low as 0.1% of Q3, which means that even the smallest water losses are detected very quickly. This unique combination of excellent measuring accuracy, long service life, and integrated wireless radio communication – wireless M-Bus – helps to reduce the operating costs incurred by water companies and minimise unpredictable situations that can be caused by leakages, as any water wastage is discovered immediately.
MULTICAL® 21 can easily be installed in all operating environments, both horizontally and vertically, regardless of piping and installation conditions. The water meter is waterproof and IP68-type tested, and is therefore also suitable for installation in measuring pits.

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