Ultrasonic water meters

The operating principle of the ultrasonic meters is based on measuring the ultrasound dispersion rate in the sensor’s measuring channel with locators, where one acts as a transmitter and the other as a receiver. The water’s moving speed is calculated on the basis of the difference in stationary and moving water, and this is later used for the calculation of the flow rate and volume.
The ultrasonic meters usually have an electronic display, their installation position does not affect the accuracy of the measuring results, and they are much less sensitive to the “purity” of the water, in comparison with mechanical meters. Ultrasonic meters have of course a longer life span than mechanical meters, because they lack any moving parts.
Depending on the need, we can supply the simplest water meters, as well as water meters with different optional communications modules. An M-bus or wireless 838MHz radio module – it does not matter, whether you are yourself building an in-house local network for consumption data, or whether you wish us to provide you with a full hosted remote reading service – contact us, and we shall work out the best solution for you.