Remote reading electricity meters

We offer compact three-phase and double-tariff M-Bus electricity meters that can be used together with the Optimatic Server solution.






The three-phase electricitry meter, DSZ12DM-3x80A (MID type approved).

  • Maximum current 3x80A. No-load losses, only 0.5W
  • The DIN-EN 60715 TH35 module for installation in module electrical cabinets of the protection class IP51. Four module positions = width 70mm and depth 58mm
  • Accuracy class B (1%)
  • M-Bus output
  • Seven-digit liquid crystal display (LCD)

DSZ12DM is a double-tariff electricitry meter. This meter measures active energy according to input and output current. Self-consumption level of 0.5W is not taken into account or registered.