Water meter with the AP data III radio moduleWater meter with the AP data III radio module

This water meter model from Techem is already supplied with a radio module. Water consumption is registered by means of a contactless sensor and readings are saved by the module’s electronics system. Readings are taken concerning current consumption levels on the day of reading, and in the middle and at the end of month, while information is also recorded about the water meter’s good working order and all of this is forwarded by an integrated transmitter so that this information can be received outside the apartment.

The radio module has a working life of ten years. This means that, following the first inspection, it is possible to replace the water meter alone without the need to install a new radio module. This helps to reduce by approximately 50% any costs that may be related to water meters.

Water meters with the radio module AP data III can forward radio signals concerning water consumption levels and the working order of the measuring equipment via GSM to the Techem accounting centre. The data III system does not require any additional equipment or cables. It must also be added here that all water meters with a radio module have a self-check function thanks to which any tampering attempts or occasions in which backflow is detected are registered and stored in the measuring equipment’s in-built memory. Other error codes include the following: removing the seals, backflow, water meter stoppages, and more.

In addition to standard water meters, you can also purchase the most accurate water meters that are certified according to the new EU MID directive, which is the highest class available on the market.

water meter with AP radio moduleTechnical data:

Overall length: 80 mm, 110 mm, 130 mm
Q n: 2,5 m³h 1,5 m³h
Measuring class: А või B
Q min: Qn25 – klass А
Qn50 – klass B
Pressure drop at 100 mbar: 0,25 m³h
Measuring range: 0,1-10,000 m3h

The water meter constantly ‘monitors’ the consumption levels of residents and the accuracy of the water supply system’s operations. Error codes include the following: removing the seals, backflow, water meter stoppages, and others.