Zenner RTKD positive displacement meter

The RTKD meter is a new mechanical dry dial single-jet displacement meter (oscillating piston meter) with magnetic coupling. The reliable meter measures the flow rate using the volumetric principle, guaranteeing an especially accurate reading.

The reliability and manufacturing quality ensures the longevity and cost-efficiency of the meter.

The additional devices of the RTKD meter ensure that the device will be operational in the future. The new modulator in cooperation with the new communication module allow to read data with different frequencies, which is a solid basis for the automatic long-distance reading of data with a radio (wMBus), Mbus or impulse module.

  • mechanical dry-dial single-jet positive displacement meter (oscillating piston meter) with magnetic coupling
  • the dry-dial register has been separated from the measuring mechanism in a waterproof way
  • with the option of adding an impulse module, impulse frequency 10 l/imp
  • for horizontal and vertical installation
  • the meters have standardised EU connectors and are calibrated (MID, 2004/22EU)
  • metrological class – R160
  • start-up flow rate 1 l/h
  • diameter 90 mm
Nomial flow m3/h Diameter Length of the meter
Max permitted flow m3/h Min permitted flow l/h Connectors”
2.5 15 165 3.125 6.25 ¾
 4 20 190 5.000 10.00 1


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