• All-round heat and cooling meter, easy to install and easy to use
  • On-site configurable as to inlet and outlet
  • N25 metal flow sensor, approved up to 130 °C
  • Small pressure loss, all flow sizes below 0.1 bar
  • Dynamic range up to 1:1600 from start to saturation flow – 1:250 (qi:qp)

The minimal dimensions of MULTICAL® 302 allow this compact allround heat and cooling meter to be installed anywhere. The meter can be turned during installation, in very compact systems too, enabling you to obtain optimal reading of the display at all times. The robust metal flow sensor that endures temperatures up to 130 ˚C be used in both PN16 and PN25 systems. The flow sensor has been designed with Kamstrup’s unique ultrasound technique, which ensures extremely long lifetime
– also in magnetite-containing heating systems.

MULTICAL® 302 consists of a flow sensor based on ultrasound, an electronic display unit and a Pt500 sensor pair. These components are separately calibrated and subsequently assembled into a
heat, cooling or combined heat/cooling meter which must not be separated.
The meter comprises an integral data logger, which saves all relevant registers for the latest 960 hours, 460 days, 24 months and 15 years. During installation the meter can be configured for installation of flow sensor in either inlet or outlet pipe. Furthermore, unit and resolution as well as date/time and M-Bus address can be selected merely by pressing a button, no special tools needed.

Wired or Wireless M-Bus
MULTICAL® 302 is available with factory mounted cable for wired M-Bus or with Wireless M-Bus in either mode C1 or T1 OMS according to EN 13757. The M-Bus communication is galvanically separated and comprises auto-select 300/2400 Baud, primary/secondary addressing and collision detection. The current consumption of the master is lower than 1 unit load, and separate registers for heat and cooling energy are read. The wireless data communication, Wireless M-Bus, follows the European standard EN 13757, and the data telegram is configurable for either mode C1 or mode T1 OMS. Data communication, including 128 bit AES encryption .

Multical 302 Data Sheet (pdf)