RFM-RBT wireless M-Bus receiver

JThe wireless M-Bus receiver, the RFM-RBT, collects measurement readings that are forwarded to it by radio modules that are installed on water meters, heat meters, heat cost allocators, and temperature sensors, all of which are manufactured by B METERS according to the WMBUS standard. The receiver uses the Bluetooth (WPAN) protocol to forward these readings to an Android smartphone or tablet.
A free application that you can download from the Google Play Store allows you easily and quickly to view and download readings for individual end users, to be able to save such readings directly onto a compatible reader, or to be able to send them to an email address.



RFM-RX2 wireless M-Bus receiver/configurator

The wireless M-Bus receiver/configurator, the RFM-RX2 with USB connectivity, is used for the configuration and collection of measurement readings that are forwarded via the radio modules in the B METERS water and heat meters according to the WMBUS standard. The RFM-RX2 is meant to be used together with the setup and meter reading software that has been developed by B METERS. The receiver has an SMA connector, which makes it easier to remove and replace the 360° rotating antenna.




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