Bmeters GSD8-RFM from B METERS – a single-jet dry dial water meter with the option of installing an optical module.
A single-jet, dry dial, direct reading on eight numerical rolls. Manufactured with versions for cold water use (at 50°C) and hot water use (at 90°C), and with a diameter of 15mm and 20mm (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch). Comes with a 360° rotating dial. Pre-equipped for the installation of optical data communications modules (such as wired M-Bus, wireless OMS, and LoRa (upon request)).


Basic version:bmeters GSD8-RFM

  • R100-H → R50-VH ↑
  • Available in versions for cold water (between 0-50°C) and hot water (between 30-90°C)
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Direct reading on eight numerical rolls
  • 360° rotating dry dial
  • The magnetic element is protected against tampering



A wireless M-Bus data transmission module for water meters

RFM-TX1.1 is a radio module that has been designed to transmit water consumption readings via radio communications from the single-jet GSD8-RFM water meter. It is easy to install and configure, and it contains components with extremely low energy consumption levels, as well as special algorithms that guarantee energy savings. In addition to actual water consumption and the readings for the preceding twelve months, this water meter also detects any attempts at tampering, the maximum flow rate being exceeded, and leakages downstream in the pipeline.



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