Bmeters GSD8-RFM from B METERS – a single-jet dry dial water meter with the option of installing an optical module.
A single-jet, dry dial, direct reading on eight numerical rolls. Manufactured with versions for cold water use (at 50°C) and hot water use (at 90°C), and with a diameter of 15mm and 20mm (1/2 inch to 3/4 inch). Comes with a 360° rotating dial. Pre-equipped for the installation of optical data communications modules (such as wired M-Bus, wireless OMS, and LoRa (upon request)).


Basic version:bmeters GSD8-RFM

  • R100-H → R50-VH ↑
  • Available in versions for cold water (between 0-50°C) and hot water (between 30-90°C)
  • Magnetic transmission
  • Direct reading on eight numerical rolls
  • 360° rotating dry dial
  • The magnetic element is protected against tampering



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