Bmeters Hydrocal M3The B METERS Hydrocal M3

The B METERS Hydrocal M3 is a simple, compact mechanical thermal energy meter which measures the amount of energy used for heating or cooling. It has been approved according to the MID 2004/22, CE MI004, and EN1434 standards.


Technical parameters

The thermal energy meter, the HYDROCAL-M3, uses an innovative data collection system which registers rotation in the turbine on the principle of induction. This prevents manipulation with magnetic fields and guarantees long-term reliability.

Standard version

  • Combined thermal energy meter
  • Two integrated pulse inputs/one integrated pulse output
  • Integrated EN13757-2/3 M-Bus output
  • 360° rotating dial
  • High-precision PT1000 measuring sensors made of platinum

Depending upon order

  • Wireless EN13757-4 OMS M-Bus output